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Brat Breakers

Jute Rope - 6mm Purple (Light)

Jute Rope - 6mm Purple (Light)

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Introducing our premium Shibari rope, perfect for adding a touch of sensuality and eroticism to your playtime. Made from high-quality materials, our Shibari rope is designed for comfort and durability, so you can enjoy it again and again.

Our Shibari rope is JBO-free, ensuring it's free from harmful substances and safe to use on your skin. It features a medium lay, making it easy to handle and manipulate, even for those new to Shibari. The rope is also Asanawa styled, providing a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.

Choose from our stunning range of colors to match your mood or aesthetic. Each color provides a unique experience, from the sensual softness of light pink to the commanding presence of dark blue. Our natural colored rope also offers a beautiful simplicity that is perfect for any occasion.

Our Shibari rope is perfect for a range of uses, from simple binding to intricate Shibari patterns. It's also great for sensory play, where the soft texture of the rope against the skin can enhance the experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Shibari practitioner, our rope provides the quality and durability you need for all your bondage and BDSM play.

Experience the pleasure and sensuality of this ancient Japanese art form with our Shibari rope, available in a range of beautiful colors to suit your style.

  • Nominal 6mm diameter
  • 8m length with overhand knots
  • For further information, see our rope conditioning guide here 
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Jute Rope


Have a pesky brat that won't sit still or enjoys the freedom to move a little too much? We have the solution for you!

The Brat Breakers Rope Bondage Collection contains only the best Jute rope and conditioning supplies available. 100% Jute, JBO free and vegan friendly this rope is perfect for decorative ties, suspension, and anywhere in between!

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Delivered in 1 business day with express good quality jute

Why Brat Breakers?

Here at Brat Breakers, we are devoted to supplying the tools and equipment necessary to rid the world of brats once and for all!  

We are experienced in the art of brat taming and want to empower you to fight the good fight alongside us.  

We are continuously thinking up and designing custom tools for all your needs. Whether it be corrective, incentivised or purely sadistic intentions... We have you covered!  

All items are handmade in Australia from only the best available products, packaged discretely and shipped to your directly to your door.