Brat Breakers Toy Care Guide

Our premium platinum silicone toys are stronger than the most stubborn brat but not indestructible! Because of this, it is important you care for it correctly.
Following the below guide will ensure you and your soon to be favourite toy will have a long and healthy relationship. 
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Key Notes

  • Just like leaving brattiness going unpunished, once silicone suffers a nick or cut it will almost be impossible to stop. Please do not allow anything sharp or abrasive to come into contact with your toy, including your fingernails, teeth or rough surfaces!


  • Clean your toys before and after use. Let them dry before your hide them away.


  • Separate your silicone toys away from other lesser quality toys to prevent damage from harmful plastics and rubbers. This can even be an issue if stored on the same surface as previous toys due to leaching of harmful chemicals.


    Which Lubricants Can I Use?

    Our premium platinum silicone is compatible with water based, silicone based, and oil-based lubricants.

    Water Based

    Choose a water-based lubricant for butt plugs because it is easily absorbed and will lock your plug in place. Simply re-apply when it’s time to remove.

    Similarly, water based lubricant is perfect for quick play time where you want to keep clean up time at a minimum. 

    Oil Based/Grease

    Yes, that’s right, unlike jelly, PVC and vinyl toys, our premium platinum silicone is compatible with oil-based lubricants! We recommend a vegetable shortening or a soluble oil-based lubricant for wider toys that require more stretching. Please note: oil based lubricants attack latex and vinyl, so it is not possible to use with condoms.

    Silicone Based

    Silicone based lubricants are slick and creamy, making them perfect for anal depth training and longer toys. However, silicone lubricant is harder to wash off toys after use, which can lead to it trapping viruses and bacteria and can make sharing toys problematic. Make sure you clean thoroughly using one of the methods detailed below.


    How do I care for my toy?

    Like many brats, platinum silicone toys should not only be put to the test and pushed to their limits but also correctly cared for and stored for later use. Although a toy may look clean after giving it a wash under water, there could still be a plethora of littles nastiest that your eyes can't see. Follow the below suggestions to keep your toy in tip top shape and ready for deployment.

    Soap/Antibacterial Cleaner

    Rinse with warm water, soap it up and rinse away all the suds. Stubborn silicone or oil lubricants may need multiple passes or even a stronger soap with grease-cutting properties to return the completely clean. 


    Because your Brat Breaker Silicone toy is highly temperature resistant, you are able to boil it in water as a means of sterilising. Just keep it off the bottom of the pot to prevent any direct heat from the stove top (we suggest standing upright on a grate inside a tall pot)


    Not too dissimilar to the boiling method, throwing your Brat Breaker toys in the dishwasher is a viable method of cleaning! Clean off any post-play residue, stand it upright to prevent any weird indents from the rack and stay away from that heavy duty cycle!


    Once you have cleaned your toy using your proffered method, simply pat it dry and let air dry prior to storing.


    How to correctly store your toys often goes unthought of as we attempt to hide our dirty little secrets from those around us. We suggest storing your Brat Breaker toy in the proved bag and away from any sharp or abrasive items.