Brat Breakers Butt Training Guide

It's time to prepare your body for an unforgettable experience, but don't worry, we've got you covered. Consistency is key when it comes to training your backdoor for the ultimate ride.

That's why we've created a simple, yet highly effective training program that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on any challenge. For the best results, we highly recommend using the Brat Breakers Butt Training Set, a high-quality set of anal training plugs that come in five different sizes to gradually increase your comfort level. Unlike regular butt plugs, these training plugs retain their girth and hold the anus open, allowing for a more effective training experience.

With just three sessions a week, and some high-quality butt training plugs from Brat Breakers, you will be able to unlock a whole new level of pleasure and sensation.

Are you ready to rock your world?

Session One

It's time to take it slow and steady! Start with the smallest anal training plug that you have or the size that you're most comfortable with. Gently insert it into your anus and let it rest there for 5 minutes. After a short break, repeat this process another two sets, for a total of three sets of 5 minutes each. Remember to use plenty of lubrication and relax your muscles during this process to minimize any discomfort. This is just the beginning of your journey towards mastering anal sex, so take your time and enjoy the experience!

Session Two

It's time to step up your game! With the same size plug as the first night, continue the process but increase the duration to 10 minutes for each set. Insert the plug into your anus and keep it in for 10  minutes, then remove it and take a break before repeating the process for two more sets of 10 minutes each. By gradually increasing the duration, your body will adapt to the sensations and become more comfortable with the process.

Session Three

It's your final training session of the week, it's time to push your boundaries and insert the same size plug for a total of 30 minutes. Once time is up, remove the plug, lube up and see how many times you can comfortably insert and remove it in 1 minute before considering moving up to the next size. If the next size feels comfortable and wearable for 5-10 minutes, use it as your training size for the following week. 


Remember, everyone's body is different, so it's important to listen to your own body and avoid pushing yourself too hard. Make sure to use plenty of lubrication and keep your muscles relaxed during the training process. If you feel any discomfort or pain, stop and wait until you feel ready to continue.
By following this training program with the Brat Breakers Butt Training Plugs and taking your time, you can gradually increase your butt's capabilities and enjoy anal sex with greater comfort and pleasure.