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Brat Breakers

Butt Training 5 Piece Set

Butt Training 5 Piece Set

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The ultimate tool for anyone looking to explore and expand their anal play capabilities. The Brat Breakers Butt Training Set includes five high-quality anal training plugs, each designed to gradually increase your comfort level and take your pleasure to new heights.

Each training plug is made from our firm (SH25) premium, body-safe platinum silicone that is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and easy to clean.

Each plug is ergonomically designed with a rounded tip for easy insertion and a flared base to ensure safe and secure use. With five different sizes to choose from, you can customize your training experience and gradually increase your butt's capabilities.

Start with the smallest plug and work your way up to the largest, or mix and match sizes to suit your needs. The plugs do not taper back to a smaller size after insertion like regular butt plugs, instead, they retain their girth and hold the anus open, allowing for a more effective training experience. 

Plug 1: (0.8" / 20mm Resting diameter, 1" / 25mm widest point)

Plug 2: (1" / 25mm Resting diameter, 1.4" / 35mm widest point)

Plug 3: (1.4" / 35mm Resting diameter, 1.8" / 45mm widest point)

Plug 4: (1.6" / 40mm Resting diameter, 2" / 50mm widest point)

Plug 5: (2" / 50mm Resting diameter, 2.3" /60mm widest point)

Click here to access our training plan page and start your journey today!!

Please note, custom orders can take 5 days to be poured, go through QC and be shipped off. 

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Platinum Silicone Toys By Brat Breakers


These entirely custom designs will not be found anywhere else! Crafted in house, each toy is as unique as you are and with over 30 colours to choose from the combinations are near endless.


Brat Basics toys are designed to cater for all. Perfect size for new and experienced toy users. Check the individual product description for exact sizing.


Made from platinum silicone and premium mica powder colourants, all Brat breakers toys are body safe, non-toxic and phthalate free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Phil Blum
Wow, just WOW!

This set is amazing! If you are wondering if it is worth it, yes! Just pull the trigger now.
Not my first rodeo, but at some point I decided I wanted to be able to take more girth. Did a search and found these on ETSY, but decided to check the BB website directly for a better price and more flexibility on the custom colors. I love the custom colors! And I love the training plan on the website. I have been following the plan, and so far so good, I mean SOOO GOOOOD! if you know you know. I've gotten up to #4 and it is going to take me another week or so, I imagine, to be ready to try #5, it is f'ing huge!
The staff and the chat function have been helpful. They let me add an item to my order after I placed it which made me happy and saved me a few bucks to have it shipped separately. It took a few extra days, but they tossed in a couple goodies to sweeten the deal and I am very happy with this purchase.

Customer focused!

All the products arrived in top condition. They were a little late sending it because they had an expo to attend, so as a thank you they added a toy to my order free of charge! They were so responsive and kind. Would buy from them again.


I'm a novice to the butt training game. I got a helluva shock when they arrived, in an 'oh my' kind of way 🥹

Number 1 & 2 are fine but 3 is 😱. A step between 2 and 3 would be nice I think (I'm actually thinking of asking for a one off to be made).

They are really well made, from quality material, they clean well and feel like they will last a long time.

The feeling of fullness they provide is perfection. My inner slut highly recommends these.

Ian Speechley

They feel great, look great, the sizes are perfect.

Butt Training 5 Piece Set

I am very happy with the set. I have a hard plastic set of the same sizes, But these silicon plugs are great with some extended wear. I have had these very long yet, but have been trying the mid-size ones out almost daily. I have been able to work up to the next to biggest one fairly easily for me, but haven't been able to get the large one in yet. It will be something to strive for for me.

Why Brat Breakers?

Here at Brat Breakers, we are devoted to supplying the tools and equipment necessary to rid the world of brats once and for all!  

We are experienced in the art of brat taming and want to empower you to fight the good fight alongside us.  

We are continuously thinking up and designing custom tools for all your needs. Whether it be corrective, incentivised or purely sadistic intentions... We have you covered!  

All items are handmade in Australia from only the best available products, packaged discretely and shipped to your directly to your door.