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Basic Brats - Daaaddy

Basic Brats - Daaaddy

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Meet your new favorite Daddy! A hyper-realistic dildo that's sure to leave you weak in the knees and begging for more. With a size and shape that's made to satisfy, this toy is perfect for those who crave a dominant, powerful presence in the bedroom. Let out your best "Daaaddy" as you take control and fulfill your every fantasy with its lifelike texture and impressive girth.

  • Crafted with daring angles and stimulating textures, using only the finest platinum silicone, this toy is an absolute must-have for those who crave intense, traditional yet textured sensations.
  • Body safe, non-toxic & phthalates free.
  • The Basic Brats - Daaaddy is the smallest of it's family, measuring in at 6.1"/155mm of insertable length and 1.75"/45mm at its widest points.
  • Optional Breaker Base suction cup design available

Please note, custom orders can take 5 days to be poured, go through QC and be shipped off.

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Platinum Silicone Toys By Brat Breakers


These entirely custom designs will not be found anywhere else! Crafted in house, each toy is as unique as you are and with over 30 colours to choose from the combinations are near endless.


Brat Basics toys are designed to cater for all. Perfect size for new and experienced toy users. Check the individual product description for exact sizing.


Made from platinum silicone and premium mica powder colourants, all Brat breakers toys are body safe, non-toxic and phthalate free.

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Why Brat Breakers?

Here at Brat Breakers, we are devoted to supplying the tools and equipment necessary to rid the world of brats once and for all!  

We are experienced in the art of brat taming and want to empower you to fight the good fight alongside us.  

We are continuously thinking up and designing custom tools for all your needs. Whether it be corrective, incentivised or purely sadistic intentions... We have you covered!  

All items are handmade in Australia from only the best available products, packaged discretely and shipped to your directly to your door.