Our Story

Our crusade to rid the world of ‘Brats’ kicked off in 2019 when we designed and forged our first set of heavy-handed impact tools! This set was taken from event to event; and gained a reputation for not only looking good, but packing a punch too!
Fast forward a year and Brat Breakers was in full swing with a production line taking up most of a spare room and being added to arsenals Australia wide! It was during this time that we unleashed our range of elegant yet very stingy resin/timber paddles! The brat casualties were mounting up and we couldn't have been happier... 
Until…With worldwide lockdowns lifted, this has given the brat population a behemoth boost in numbers, and they are back with a vengeance! But don’t worry, we are still producing the Diamond Dominance range! Plus we are adding to your brat taming options by designing and producing Silicone Sex Toys! These body safe platinum cured silicone sex toys come in a plethora of shapes, colours and sizes with the options growing weekly. Whether it be reward based play, training or pure deviance in mind, we have you covered!